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Fixed (2017) HD
Fixed (2017)
Year, country:
Alonso Mayo
Andy Comeau, Courtney Henggeler, Mindy Sterling
1h 31min
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It would seem that the main character of the comedy "Corrected" has everything for a happy life. He is the happy father of a large family. Adorable beautiful wife and three wonderful children. For financial well-being, there is no need to worry, Alan has a good job in a reliable firm. one fact poisons the life of a young man. Sex with a constant look does not bring him satisfaction. From this, the father of many children is constantly in a dull state, compelled to drive away obsessive thoughts from sensitive subjects. In ffilms.club you can watch online movies in HD, watch free movies, watch full movie online free.
Visits to the therapist do not give the proper result. Finally, Alan falls in spirit when the spouse announces the prohibition by the doctor of taking contraceptives. The poor man decides that there is only one way out - a vasectomy, which will emasculate him and will deprive him of the ability to continue procreation. It seemed that there could be no better way out for a large family. But on the psyche of Alan, who underwent an operation, this acts destructively. His self-esteem falls, and the feeling of inferiority completely dislodges thoughts about sex. Fixed (2017) watch full movie online free in ffilms.club.
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