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Favorites Tell (2014)

Tell (2014)
Year, country:
J.M.R. Luna
Milo Ventimiglia, Katee Sackhoff, Jason Lee
1h 29min
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“Say” is a hilarious crime film about money, scammers and adventurous adventures.

In his youth, Ethan Tel, like many boys of his age, dreamed of his beloved wife, a couple of clockwork kids, a beautiful suburban house, decent work and an honest life. But only one dream came true - Ethan acquired his beloved woman, who dragged him into the whirlpool of criminal life. The law-abiding citizen from the Body did not work out - Beverly's beloved wanted to live decently (“in a big way”). And Ethan has not found a better solution, how to turn into a petty fraudster.

The wife pressed, and Tel became one of the bank robbers. It didn’t work out very well: no, Ethan had a bag of money, but he had to spend a couple of years at the “resort” - in prison. After the conclusion of Ethan decides no longer to violate the laws, tying with the criminal past. But then everything (from Beverly and the corrupt police officers, to the officer and the participants of the robbery) start harassing Ethan with the question: "Tell me, where is the money?". A million dollars, "borrowed" from the bank, as if dissolved in the air ...

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