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Favorites Hostel (2005)

Hostel (2005)
Year, country:
Eli Roth
Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson
1h 33min
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The film "Hostel" describes the unsuccessful trip of three friends-tourists to Europe.
Josh, Paxton and Oli go to eurotour in search of new sensations, cool parties and accessible girls. They do not have a strict route, and each next destination depends only on specific circumstances. So in Amsterdam they get acquainted with a guy who talks about a hotel in Slovakia, full of women, advocating for free love. According to a new friend in this country, an acute shortage of men, so there are no problems in finding a partner.
In ffilms.club you can watch Hostel (2005) online in HD and full movie. The guys take the challenge. The very next day they were in a small village. Having registered at the hotel, they go in search of adventure.
Alcohol and girls cloud the friends head. They still do not understand what they got into. The town is awash with lovers of torture and torture, consisting of an elite club. Here you can order yourself any sacrifice and make it out as you like.
Americans are valued in this club especially expensive, so the chances of survival in the boys are not high.
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