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Shirin In Love (2014)
Year, country:
Ramin Niami
Nazanin Boniadi, Riley Smith, Amy Madigan
1h 44min
Love! For love there are no obstacles, no boundaries. This is the director's intention of this cheerful, Iranian-American romantic comedy about two lovers' hearts. The main heroine named Shayrin dwells in the most significant Iranian community of Los Angeles. The young girl is already quite a successful plastic surgeon, to work in a prestigious clinic in Beverly Hills. In FilmsCLUB.org you can watch Shirin In Love (2014) online in HD and full movie. But in the family, Shirin is not so serene as in her career. The girl's parents are an autocratic mother and a very sensitive, vulnerable father. But in her sorrowful heart there is a beautiful feeling - a love that gives her strength and confidence. On one wonderful day, Shayrin met and fell in love with a mysterious young guy who lives in a lighthouse in Northern California. However, they are from different communities, which have different life rules and principles. Heart Shirin just bursting. If she finally decided to be with him, then the heroine will be forced to throw a challenge to all the customs that taught her. Is it worth their love?