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Favorites Jack (1996)

Jack (1996)
Year, country:
Francis Ford Coppola
Robin Williams, Diane Lane, Brian Kerwin
1h 53min
The film "Jack" tells the story of an unusual boy, who from birth had to overcome himself.

Jack Powell was in the womb for only ten weeks. He was immediately diagnosed with Werner syndrome. The disease was that the child's body was aging four times faster than the body of any healthy person.
The parents tried to surround the son with love and care, so that his life at least a bit like a normal one. They decided to protect the boy from outside influence so that he avoided ridicule and stress.

When Jack was ten years old, and he looked like a forty-year-old man, counselors advised Powell to send the hero to school, allowing him to feel part of society.

The difficult decision led to even more difficult consequences: the children did not immediately accept a peer in the body of an adult. Passing fire, water and copper pipes, Jack learned to face the world, he lowered his hands, but again found the strength to fight. The main thing that he brought out of his adventures: life is short, and you need to appreciate every moment that it gives you.