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Favorites Wings of the Wind (2015)

Wings of the Wind (2015) HD
Wings of the Wind (2015)
Year, country:
Kim Robinson
Nicole Mauck, Alfred LaFleur, Jesse Massaro
1h 59min
In America, after World War II, "Wings of the wind" follow the path of Rosa Cornell (Nicole Mauc) in search of an answer to the age-old question: "If God controls, then why do bad things happen? "Strong young woman, Rose struggles with his faith after a series of painful events. It was thrown by her mother, her brother was addicted to illegal gambling, and almost tragic accident took her favorite pastime flying aircraft. As Rosa comes to loyalty to their faith, it is unlikely will the source help her to gain God's kindness, love and faithfulness? In FilmsCLUB.org you can watch Wings of the Wind (2015) online in HD and full movie.