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Favorites Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018)

Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018) HD
Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018)
Year, country:
Jared Cohn
Steve Richard Harris, Jared Cohn, Jane Doole
1h 25min
Fantastic movie "Atlantic Ridge 2" - a cheap thrash-action film that copies the story of the famous "Pacific Rim 2: Rise" (2018). The southern coast of the American continent is once again threatened by an attack on an extraterrestrial, hostile civilization. Los Angeles are preparing another, invading assault huge, powerful monsters. Unlike previous collisions with deadly giants, now the inhabitants tried to prepare flawlessly, having come to this question most constructively and responsibly. Gigantic monsters, huge works were specially constructed by the best engineers-inventors. However, some difficulties arise in the control of machine-warriors. Specialists are turning to the incredible professional programmer James, who participated in the programming of the first-generation giant metal giants. A highly skilled employee tries to eliminate the defect found, which creates an unacceptable delay between the pilot's teams and the instant response to them by the managed robot. To find out the causes of troubles is given very little time, because the alien monster-giants, did not stop in the development and during a certain period passed a certain stage of evolution...