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Maverick: Manhunt Brazil (2016)
Year, country:
Emiliano Ruschel
Emiliano Ruschel, Larissa Vereza, Pietra Gasparin
1h 30min
Watching the thriller "Maverick: hunting in Brazil" we get acquainted with Jack, an experienced American mercenary who knows his work perfectly. Only the most dangerous and influential people use his services. Events begin to unfold at a time when the main character receives another task. Having done this, he must eliminate it. Only then will the mission be considered fulfilled. Jack arrives in Brazil and proceeds to implement the plan. However, he soon begins to understand that events are developing quite differently from what he imagined. Jack himself becomes a target for murderers. The longer he digs, the more he understands that he is a pawn in someone's dangerous game. Do you give your preference to criminal thrillers? Then do not miss the movie "Maverick: hunting in Brazil" online on our website. We wish pleasant viewing.