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Romans (2017) HD
Romans (2017)
Year, country:
Ludwig Shammasian, Paul Shammasian
Orlando Bloom, Janet Montgomery, Anne Reid
1h 31min
The central character of the film drama is a young man. In appearance, Malcolm is a perfectly ordinary citizen, who is no different from his neighbors. He has a good job and a loving wife, Emma. However, very few people know what a monstrous tragedy the main character had to endure in his childhood. Pious boy often visited the local church. It was there that he met once with a pleasant priest in communion. Friendship was established between them. And soon, taking advantage of the naivety of the boy, the servant of the church deceived him into his office. Having raped the child, the pedophile left the city in an unknown direction. Many years have passed since then, but Malcolm still continues to have a burning hatred for this pervert. He does not manage to erase from memory traumatic memories. Her husband's spiritual torment seriously disturbs his wife. Emma sincerely wants to help her husband get rid of this load. But all her efforts do not bring any result at all. In fits of anger, the hardened protagonist is able to perform a terrible thing. He understands that sooner or later such unstable behavior can come to him sideways. Can a man win in a fight with internal demons?
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