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Favorites Most Likely to Murder (2018)

Most Likely to Murder (2018)
Year, country:
Dan Gregor
Vincent Kartheiser, Rachel Bloom, Adam Pally
1h 30min
Many years ago, Billy left his father's home, intending to build a more successful, promising future in another city. Now he returns after prolonged absence in his hometowns, which involves meeting schoolgirls, who once spent a lot of time and participated in numerous, unforgettable entertainments, sometimes resulting in unpleasant consequences and punishments from adults. Once he was considered the most popular high school student in a local school, he had no doubt that he would remember him and meet with great joy. However, in reality, coming to the city of childhood happened a little differently, not answering previous representations. Most of the friends of the classmates also left these places, nobody with whom was plunged into funny memories of the past, common feats and adventures. You can watch online Most likely, the kill comedy movie 2018 will be in good quality free of charge without registration. Soon it turns out that the girl, who was in the past his first beloved Billy, is now in close relationship with a former classmate who is in the youth years a subject of ridicule and humiliating jokes of more successful peers. Upon learning of this, the man is indignant. Lowell, being a schoolboy outcast and loser, was able to achieve much higher living heights, including the love of school beauties. Soon there is a tragic event that ended in an unexpected death by the mother of the current admirer of Kari. Billy has an incomprehensible premonition that an awkward boy has put his hand to the organization of the sudden death of his mother. He is going to obtain material evidence, which confirms his assumption, therefore he calls for the assistance of an old friend and is taken for a private investigation.