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The Oh in Ohio (2006) HD
The Oh in Ohio (2006)
Year, country:
Billy Kent
Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Danny DeVito
1h 28min
The main character of the comedy since childhood was in love with a friend named Jack. When Priscilla grew up, fate smiled at her - all this you can see if we decide to have the film Orgasm in Ohio. She dreamed: to marry a certain man, in whom she was in love since childhood. Soon her dream came true... Priscilla goes in search of the man who can satisfy her. Her husband decided to check what he was capable of. Now he is engaged in pursuing a young student who gives him all kinds of attention... At the moment our heroinePriscilla is 35 years old, and she still has no idea about what he is - a real female orgasm. With each passing day, discontent with the spouse only accumulates, and as a result, the heroine decides to dissolve the marriage. When you start the Orgasm film in Ohio, you will certainly see that Jack himself wants to prove, that he took place as a good lover, and his wife accused him undeservedly. So, a man begins to pursue a young student...