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Homecoming (2009)
Year, country:
Morgan J. Freeman
Mischa Barton, Matt Long, Jessica Stroup
1h 28min
The film instead of a festive acquaintance with their parents, innocent people suffer and die. Mikey, a successful young man who played in school for the Tigers team, met a charming girl in college. Elizabeth is a clever, budding girl from a wealthy family. Relationships between young people reach the acquaintance of the guy's parents. Upon arrival in their native land, the former star must be assigned his own command number. Shelby is still waiting for him. Mikey tries to explain to her that he has a new love. Not everything is so simple. To know what will end such a friendly beginning of communication between the two rivals, you need to watch onlain in good quality Loves - does not like... Homecoming - revenge is terrible, and female revenge from unrequited love is doubly terrible. It was this school star Mike felt on himself when he returned to the city with his new girlfriend, he did not even suspect what awaited him.  Even if you have to commit a crime. But can it? Who will win this war? Actress Misha Barton, plays mostly in dramas and thrillers, so she as always unbelievably succeeded in this role, a kind of a rabid, selfish and enamored girl. Directed by Morgan J. Freeman created this film. Drunk Elizabeth decides to spend the night in a hotel. The girl can not catch a taxi and decides to go to the next on foot. Meanwhile, Shelby returns home and, not noticing the opponent, knocks her down. It turns out that she has a ripe plan - a crazy Mike Shelby decides to return it at any cost. In the struggle for a young man, the girl uses terrible methods. Shelby does not stop even before the murder. It turns out that she herself kills the mother, because she was against her departure to college with the guy. As a result, people suffer and die - a psychopath kills a cousin of a T-shirt, cripples to death a girl and shoots the guy himself...