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Favorites Don’t Look Up (2009)

Don’t Look Up (2009)
Year, country:
Fruit Chan
Rachael Murphy, Eli Roth, Ben DiGregorio
1h 38min
Quite an eerie and gloomy film from the not so famous American director Frut Chan. Was accidentally released by some people, who in turn shot a low-budget horror film. A evil spirit is chosen for freedom, which causes the film crew to slowly go crazy. This spirit began the impudent hunt of the wrong people who at one point dared to disturb him. It comes to the realization that this film can hardly boast something interesting or original, and the viewer sits down to watch this masterpiece, having with him only a timid hope that the time spent will not be completely killed, well, maybe at least half. Of course, in this scenario, the ribbon is simply not eligible for a more or less satisfactory evaluation...