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Witness Unprotected (2018)
Year, country:
Fred Olen Ray
Daphne Zuniga, Adam Huss, Tim Abell
1h 30min
An enterprising, talented woman is professionally engaged in photography. A professionally chosen one brings a great deal of pleasure to her because it allows the creative potential to be realized. However, at some point, she decides to change the direction of her usual activities, complicating her task by starting to collaborate with a private detective. Orders coming from a affiliated companion, imply direct tracking for the specified object. She must secretly observe the people by making photographs that allow objectively to prove during the trial illegal actions of specific persons suspected of committing crimes. This part of work is related to risk, so it is well paid, which is an additional incentive for continued cooperation. You can watch online An unprotected witness of the movie 2018 in good quality free of charge without registration. Serious, diligent woman-photographer is very responsive to fulfilled tasks, always perfectly fulfilling his work in due time, with unchanging quality. In accordance with the laws of sudden death of a person in the crime begins to suspect all people who were in sight in a tragic moment. Once in a similar, unpleasant situation, a young person accidentally gets when, after observing one person, he is found dead. Police put forward suspicious ladies terrible allegations, which she can not reject, because there is no reliable evidence of her lack of involvement in the event of misfortune. There was a real opportunity to be imprisoned for a long time, a reliable alibi should be provided to avoid it.