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Retina (2017) HD
Retina (2017)
Year, country:
Carlos Ferrer
Lindsay Goranson, Gary Swanson, Ron Haxton
1h 27min
Sometimes people who are in deadlock, life situations, who have no reasonable exit, are forced to accept any conditions, without thinking about the consequences, in order to immediately get out of trouble. The young girl willy-nilly found himself in such circumstances, having lost his job, the only source of income is that it allows for a secure existence. For a while, she tries to do short-term, small work, but the money earned is not enough even to pay for the rented apartment, not to mention the food and other needs. Absolutely despondent, the young person is confronted with an unusual announcement, which tells of the upcoming experiment of a drug developed by scientists, so volunteers are required to participate in laboratory studies. You can watch the online Retina movie 2017 in good quality free of charge without registration. The information provided shows that the invented tablets act as an effective sleeping pill, used by many people, have problems with sleep, so no harmful effects on the participants of experimental experiments will not be provided. Eupril did not immediately turn to this decided place, because he was afraid to take unexplored chemical substances that have a certain effect on the human body. However, the large amount proposed as compensation to all subjects, looked rather convincing. The girl is courageous and sent to the laboratory for participation in scientific work, which lasts one week. The first infusion of an irreversible tablet caused changes in the brain activity of the frightened patient, who realized that it was necessary to immediately leave a terrible place.