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Honey (2003)
Year, country:
Bille Woodruff
Jessica Alba, Mekhi Phifer, Romeo Miller
1h 34min
The plot of the musical melodrama tells the story of the ascent of a simple girl who adores dancing, working with the first stars in the world of show business. Working as a barmaid at a nightclub in New York, Hani also teaches hip-hop children at the dance school and regularly goes to the castings of dancers, in the hope that her talent will be noticed. One day her dreams come true, Hani notes the director of a large company, Michael Ellis, who gives her a chance to prove herself in the work of a choreographer. "Honey" is more like a cut from good clips, against which the main action takes place. Hani Hanni has another dream, a dance school that children from poor areas can come to, teens will get a chance to live a normal life. Hani Daniels gets the job of her dream, dances herself and puts the dances for the clips. Building for the school is accidentally located, although it can not pay for it completely, but buys in installments. At the same time the personal life of the heroine is being adjusted. In return for the popularity of Michael, Hani clearly hints, what she should do if she wants to move forward in this world. Will Lapochka choose a glamorous, busy life of show business and career, or will she be true to her friends, beloved boyfriend and her dream? On the way to the final success, you have to step over yourself, because the boss ambiguously hints that the career path begins in his bed. If you lose your job, exactly half the price. What will be important for the heroine, for achieving what goal is it worth fighting by all methods? Will Hanni betray the children's trust, sacrifice himself or find another way out?