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The Broken Key (2017) HD
The Broken Key (2017)
Year, country:
Louis Nero
Rutger Hauer, Michael Madsen, Christopher Lambert
The future is changing with progress, for which humanity is being chased. People are used to improving their living conditions, not noticing that, at times, they only worsen them. The struggle for power pushes cruel people to use the peaceful population for their own purposes, hiding the true motives from those around them. In the future, technology is so developed that the need to use paper will be wasted. In the future, the whole world as a whole will undergo radical changes. Paper will become a scarce product. For this reason such concepts as "press", "publishing house" and many other things become forbidden. The libraries have already been reconstructed into museums, the entrance to which is accessible only to selected people. Information is now transmitted exclusively in electronic form to a variety of digital media. It is in such circumstances that horrific incidents begin to occur in one of the digital cities. There is an endless chain of murders, which, at first glance, are ritualistic. For the investigation of these crimes, Adam is taken, who tries to follow the prompts that the killer leaves every time. The issue of environmental sustainability will be considered and the authorities will state that it is better to use electronic media. People will receive information on gadgets, united by a single network, established by a large corporation. Books and other printed publications will become a luxury, which is accessible only to influential personalities. The libraries will be closed with a key. No one can enter the knowledge store freely, because it is controlled by the same corporation.
Arthur is a British scientist, who is attracted by life, filled with adventure. He will go to Turin to search for the ancient papyrus. But instead of the original goal will participate in the investigation of a series of mysterious murders. Arthur will understand that they are all related to each other and inspiration for criminals is the commandment about mortal sins.