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Favorites Never Leave Alive (2017)

Never Leave Alive (2017)
Year, country:
Steven LaMorte
John Hennigan, Michelle Taylor, Eric Etebari
1h 29min
At a distance far from other settlements and civilized society, there is a secluded, uninhabited islet where terrible events unfold. In this unusual, gloomy place, at the confluence of strange circumstances, is Rick Reinsford with an attractive companion Anna. Young people who wanted to enjoy solitude, to admire the picturesque landscapes of wild nature, fell into the deftly arranged monstrous villain trap, from which no one was chosen unscathed. The guy is an inexperienced trainee, who was identified as a partner for the former special agent Ivanov, who once served in the infamous KGB. He immediately oddball did not like the mentor, causing a subconscious sense of anxiety and inner anxiety in direct communication. Unconscious premonitions proved to be justified. Caught with the girl on the terrible island-trap, Rick understands that they involuntarily became participants in the deadly game, where they have the only rules for them - to try to survive under any circumstances. On a limited stretch of land, surrounded by sea waters, everywhere there are traps laid deadly. Such a struggle for life for visitors was made by a manic-minded sociopath who works together with the aforementioned Ivanov, who has psychic abnormalities, which tend to be cruel, aimed at bullying people. The victims of a couple of bloodthirsty psycho have to throw aside the existing misunderstanding in certain issues, forget about the differences and all the energy to send in search of a way to escape from a monstrous place full of horror and haunting everywhere death.