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My Generation (2017)
Year, country:
David Batty
David Bailey, Michael Caine, Joan Collins
1h 25min
In London in the fifties, life was gloomy, boring and monotonous. All followed certain rules. However, the sixties became completely different. The new generation was hungry for change, the gray routine was not of any interest to anyone. The rules of the old life lost their relevance and significance. Great changes in cultural life began. It was a great cultural upheaval. The government tried to hold back the younger generation, but the latter won.
The well-known actor Michael Kane, who passed all these changes, will tell about what is happening, will show how things really happened. He will "spend" us around the world of drugs, sex and rock'n'roll. At that time, for the first time, young people began to manifest themselves and do as they wished. Actors, models and others began to express their opinion. The cheeky youth of the fanatelle from the songs "Beatles" and "Rolling Stones", dressed in clothes of the style of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, imitating the models. Thus, the city pop culture is born, gray London has turned into a bright "Swinging London". The transformation of the capital into fashion and music was promoted by famous music groups. Michael, calls these years the best in the lives of these people.