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Favorites Better Watch Out (2016)

Better Watch Out (2016)
Year, country:
Chris Peckover
Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould
1h 29min
All European citizens adore Christmas. Preparation for the family holiday begins long before the start of all sorts of festive events. Residents visit numerous shops and fairs in search of Christmas decorations, gifts for all members of the family and other Christmas attributes. Spouses Lerneri plunged into the pre-holiday vanity, among which there was almost no time to communicate with the twelve-year-old son. That the child did not remain alone and without due attention, loving parents hired a nanny in case of their absence, so that she would look after the adored little boy. For this purpose, they selected a good candidate that meets the requirements of adult family members and satisfies the son's requests. Ashley was cute, charming, sympathetic and conscientious about her duties. The girl began to work part-time in a friendly family, quickly found a common language with the underage ward and made friends with him. She really liked this work in a cozy house, located in a quiet suburban area, with benevolent masters who paid well for her work. On the eve of Christmas, Ashley once again came to sit with the boy, when the parents went on business in the city. The evening was still, on the snowy sidewalk there was a creaking of snow under the feet of random passers-by, there was a pre-holiday mood in the air. Nurse and the boy sat near the tree and played quietly. Suddenly there were loud sounds that frightened the children. Someone tried to break into the house, strangers tried to break windows and break the door lock, loudly, menacingly shouting. The brave girl took a knife in her hands, intending to confront the robbers, but everything turned out to be much worse.