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Mercy Christmas (2017) HD
Mercy Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
Ryan Nelson
Cole Gleason, Gwen Van Dam, Casey O'Keefe
1h 23min
Michael Briskett is happy. Most recently, a single man met a pretty and pretty woman. From the very first moments, he realizes that the stranger is perfect, and in the course of a laid-back conversation, he becomes more convinced of this. The proposal to meet Christmas in her company, Michael perceives positively. The woman says that she will introduce him to households who will gladly receive a guest in their home. A single man is pleased with this circumstance, because ahead is a holiday that he would not like to meet alone.
The first acquaintance is successful, but after the strange behavior of new friends begins to inspire fear. It soon becomes clear that he was surrounded by cannibals, dreaming to feast on human meat. Michael is confident that he should become the main dish, it remains to think out an escape plan. The festive mood is replaced by fear, chilling horror covers the soul. A charming woman has long been engaged in a similar activity, seducing the gullible men, who subsequently become a tasty prey for her relatives.
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