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Favorites Bug (2006)

Bug (2006)
Year, country:
William Friedkin
Ashley Judd, Michael Shannon, Harry Connick Jr.
1h 42min
Full movie online for free: Bug (2006)The main character of the thriller "Glitches" - a young woman Agnes works in a bar and leads a rather secluded life. She once had a child, but he disappeared several years ago and was not found. Now, Agnes has just one girlfriend from Art Sy's work and a former criminal husband serving time in prison. To avoid the persecution of Gerry who was released, Agnes moves to live in a small, seedy motel. But there they begin to pester her with calls and silence on the phone.
    The way out of this situation is acquaintance with the former military man, a veteran of the Gulf War, Peter, who happily stays the night in Agnes' room. However, she begins to notice the oddities in Peter's behavior, he tells some fables about the secret experiences of the military and sees glitches in the form of cuts on his body, which actually do not exist. Soon Agnes begins to see and hear strange things, and only Peter can help her figure it out ... © FFilms.CLUB
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