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Favorites After Darkness (2018)

After Darkness (2018) HD
After Darkness (2018)
Year, country:
Batan Silva
Natalia Dyer, Kyra Sedgwick, Valorie Curry
1h 38min
  Many thought about what will happen to the Earth when the Sun goes out. Everyone represents this day as a real apocalypse. But for the heroes of the film, these thoughts become reality. It so happened that they fell to live at a time when the world is slowly but surely moving towards its inevitable collapse. The sun goes out, and all living creatures of the blue planet begin to say goodbye to life, realizing that to dream of the future in such a situation is just silly. The earth is cooling down, and soon the world will be consumed by a gloomy darkness.

  Among those who live on Earth in recent days, there is also a small American family. On the eve of the destruction of the planet, the head of the family decides to gather all his household at the same table. In order not to escalate the situation, a television showing the latest news is being carried away to the basement of the house, and adult children of spouses who come to their parents gather in the rooms, realizing that life does not matter for them now. We can only wait. Meanwhile, in a tense situation, each of the relatives begins to recall past insults. And it is they who bring inevitable death, and not the fact that the Sun has gone out forever. After Darkness (2018) Watch full movies online free on FFilms.CLUB
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