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Favorites The Divorce Party (2019)

The Divorce Party (2019) HD
The Divorce Party (2019)
Year, country:
Hughes William Thompson
Katrina Bowden, Claire Holt, Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz
1h 33min
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The film "Divorce Party" tells about a married couple that has been married for twenty years - and divorce turns out to be a natural decision for them. Susan hardly decides to talk to her husband about the fact that life together is not happiness for her for a long time, but, on the contrary, causes a lot of pain and other unpleasant emotions. It turns out that her husband also does not like to tolerate everything that happens, so he immediately moves to the hotel.
But then the man realizes that he was left completely alone - without his wife, he didn’t even have anyone to talk to. All old friends were friends with a married couple. He turned out to be completely unprepared for a new life and literally in front of his eyes falls into depression. Realizing that soon there will be absolutely nothing left of him, the man makes a decision to find a new meaning of life, only this is not so simple.
But here comes a letter from his wife in which she invites him to celebrate a long-awaited divorce at a noisy joint party. Why not, maybe this is the chance of a new love?