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House of D (2004) HD
House of D (2004)
Year, country:
David Duchovny
David Duchovny, Téa Leoni, Robin Williams
1h 37min
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The film "House of D" - a psychological drama, directorial debut of David Duchovny.
The lonely American artist Tom Worshaw has long lived in Paris, illustrates a second-rate magazine and reflects a lot. At one time, Tom had a different life, the memories of which still trouble him. The hero is about to tell his thirteen-year-old son the birthday boy about his uneasy maturity and the first bitter mistakes, considering the unhappy instructive story to be his father's birthday present. However, the painful revelations are more needed by Worshaw himself, who is spiritually devastated and disappointed.
Thirty years ago, a teenager Tommy lived in Lower Manhattan with a single mother, shut up after the death of her husband, studied and worked as a peddler of groceries. His friend was a 40-year-old Pappas, a credulous idiot and reliable companion. Every new day Tommy promised joyful discoveries, and a careless boy wanted one thing - to quickly get to know the wonderful world of adults. Unfortunately, on the way of knowledge, a teenager faced a tragedy that changed his life.
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