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Favorites Lancaster Skies (2019)

Lancaster Skies (2019) HD
Lancaster Skies (2019)
Year, country:
Callum Burn
Rosa Coduri, Kris Saddler, Jeffrey Mundell
1h 38min
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 1943, United Kingdom. Aviation lieutenant Douglas "Doug" Miller (Jeffrey Mundell) is one of the best aces who were only trusted by spitfire-type airplanes. In recent years, he heroically repelled the attacks of the Germans during the Battle of England, but the big news came from the east, and his life changed. Somewhere far away, Doug's younger brother died, and at the same time at Stalingrad the Nazis were finally reversed. This means that Miller will be able to avenge the death of a relative very soon. Together with the new comrades in the wing of the Lancaster Skies bomber, Douglas flies to Germany.
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