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Backdraft 2 (2019) HD
Backdraft 2 (2019)
Year, country:
Gonzalo López-Gallego
Joe Anderson, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin
1h 41min
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 A young detective named Sean (Joe Anderson) is investigating a series of mysterious explosions in Chicago. His uncle, Brian McCaffrey (William Baldwin), who heads the fire department, needs to quickly determine the cause of the explosions that killed five children. Mr. McCaffrey knows his talented nephew - the only person able to unravel this difficult matter. For this reason, he does not give him rest day or night.

The hero of the film “Backdraft 2”, though he does not like his boss, but makes every effort to report his conclusion as soon as possible. Sean carefully examines the fire sites and makes a sensational statement: all the fires with fatal outcomes were carefully planned by the same criminal. During the investigation, the hero leaves a dangerous gangster grouping and finds himself in the very epicenter of criminal events ...
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