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Favorites Day of the Woman (1978)

Day of the Woman (1978)
Year, country:
Meir Zarchi
Camille Keaton, Eron Tabor, Richard Pace
1h 41min
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 The film "Day of the Woman" - the predecessor of the picture "I spit on your grave."

Jennifer (Camille Keaton) is preparing to write a new book, but for this she needs to concentrate away from the bustle of the city and people. For this reason, the writer leaves for the province and settles in a comfortable home. In order not to get out for groceries, Jennifer orders food delivery via courier. The package is delivered by Matthew (Richard Pace), the underdeveloped guy. He tells his friends about the new lodger, and they have a plan: it is clear that the girl will not be able to call the police or call for help, which means that you can have fun with her with impunity.

Several friends sneak into the house, rape and beat Jennifer, and then order Matthew to kill her in the forest. Only the local idiot's hand trembled, and he only smeared the knife in the blood, telling his accomplices about the success of the mission.

Recovering, Jennifer did not seek salvation. She chose the path of revenge. Getting to the offenders step by step, she killed them cruelly and prudently. Before death, each of them regretted meeting with the writer ...
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