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Favorites Once Upon a Time in London (2019)

Once Upon a Time in London (2019)
Year, country:
Simon Rumley
Holly Earl, Kate Braithwaite, Geoff Bell
1h 51min
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 The extraordinarily intriguing story "Once Upon a Time in London" takes you to the distant fifties, acquainting you with the peculiarities of the territory of the English capital and its suburbs, where Cray twins, criminals tightly controlling the bulk of criminal clans, dominated at that time. Guys obeyed a group of reckless, cold-blooded gangsters, hiding behind the official company, doing true lawlessness, loud robberies, resonant armed attacks on competitors and honest businessmen, brutal murders accompanied by arsons of private property, brazen, unguarded racket. They became so famous that they became real stars when the brothers were once invited to give an interview on a live broadcast on a central channel. In addition to the usual kind of activity, the characters did not shy away from maintaining the necessary connections among the criminal world, interacting with the same villains, and planned to open an elite, expensive casino. However, the agreement with a certain Lansky, a mafia figure, failed because of his belonging to the family of Ronald, whose members suffered from a severe form of mental disorder, suspecting everyone of treason.

Their biography is replete with a mass of tragic, terrifying examples of the plight of heroes. Born in a family of low-income middle class, from an early age both came down from diphtheria, but managed to survive. The mother and two sisters were engaged in the immediate upbringing of the children, and two grandfathers also noted the severity. My father, meanwhile, was engaged in the resale of scrap gold constantly traveling around the country. The young men tried their strength by signing up for the amateur boxing section, but were soon expelled from the club for problems with discipline.
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