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Favorites Border [2018]

Border [2018]
Year, country:
Ali Abbasi
Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff, Jörgen Thorsson
1h 50min
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The main character Tina (Eva Melander) works at customs. She is a valuable employee, because she literally smells about any human emotion. No one can carry a prohibited cargo past. But despite career success, Shadows lives hard. She always knew what was different from other people. In the back she always shouted about her deformity. Then a strange man, Voda (Eero Milonoff) passed through customs and Tina could not feel his emotions, although she knew for sure that he had something to hide. They are surprisingly similar to each other - a similar build, similar faces and even movements. A closer acquaintance with Voda will help Shadows to understand who she really is.
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