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Favorites The Secret Of Marrowbone (2017)

The Secret Of Marrowbone (2017)
Year, country:
Sergio G. Sánchez
George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton
1h 50min
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The young guy is puzzled by household chores and the immediate concerns of younger relatives. Scions of a mysterious woman are afraid to mention the past, because it is there that lurks the main grief and loss of the family. Frustrated guys once decide to forget their worries in order to try to be like happy citizens. The secluded villa hides the "abode of shadows" and sorrow, but the heirs are trying to protect themselves from evil. Joint work smooths out contradictions, brewing conflicts between children. A secret kept together helps to represent oneself as a participant in a certain sacrament, and the absence of curious neighbors greatly simplifies the existence of hermits.
The brothers are engaged in fishing, the sisters organize a magnificent feast, and the rest of the time the inhabitants of the mysterious mansion devote to providing other needs. A casual observer would call the life of the kids a dream come true for millions of teenagers. Only a similar game of hide-and-seek with society hides a serious background. The guys hope to protect the city from an evil creature lurking inside a modest dwelling. The insidious creature fell asleep after the death of the parent, but one day it again begins to crush the attic, crush the basements. Breaking out, the home demon threatens to drink the blood of the unfortunate households.
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