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Favorites Isabelle (2018)

Isabelle (2018) HD
Isabelle (2018)
Year, country:
Robert Heydon
Amanda Crew, Adam Brody, Zoë Belkin
1h 21min
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 Larisa (Amanda Crew) and Matt Kane (Adam Brody) recently moved to a new home, because very soon the girl will give birth to a child and their family will increase. Everything was fine, until the heroine met her neighbors, a strange woman and her sick daughter Isabel. The girl was sitting in her room on the second floor and constantly watched Larisa from the window, scaring her. It seemed to her future mother that she was following her, but this could not be true.

One day, while talking to a neighbor, Larisa had contractions and was immediately taken to the hospital. Alas, the child could not be saved, and the heroine herself almost died, because her heart stopped for a minute. After discharge, the couple was not easy, because the death of the baby is difficult to survive. It was especially hard for the heroine, because besides the death of the child, she began to see something ... Namely Isabel (Zoë Belkin), who wanted to take possession of her soul.

As it turned out, during clinical death, Larissa opened the gates and now the essence from the other world to hunt her. And the sinister girl opposite is obsessed with a powerful evil, from which it is very difficult to hide. Matt, realizing that everything is not so simple, turns for help to the priest, but can he help?
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