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Avengement (2019) HD
Avengement (2019)
Year, country:
Jesse V. Johnson
Scott Adkins, Craig Fairbrass, Thomas Turgoose
1h 30min
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 The protagonist of the film from an early age was brought up by the street of a criminal disadvantaged area. He fell under the wing of an influential man who gave him various minor assignments. Soon the guy noticed a more serious man in the criminal world, who decided to make him a hired killer. Years of training killed in the main characters a sense of pity and fear. He turned into a real killer, who always carried out the order. But one day another case ended in failure for him, as a result of which he ended up behind bars. Within the prison walls they tried to kill him more than once, but he was able to save his life. After leaving the man wants only one thing - to find all the perpetrators of his failed life and take revenge on them ...
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