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Favorites Tank Girl (1995)

Tank Girl (1995) HD
Tank Girl (1995)
Year, country:
Rachel Talalay
Lori Petty, Ice-T, Naomi Watts
1h 44min
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 The action of the film takes place after an ecological catastrophe, as a result of which water has become worth its weight in gold, as water supplies have dried up, and it was not enough for everyone. All were run by Water-Energy-Power Corporation. The renegades who fought the villains also stole water. Among them was the main character of the film, a beautiful, witty and untied girl named Rebecca, who always had the answer to any question. Her friends and relatives were killed, the villains took away a little girl, and Rebecca herself was captured and tried to get to work in the mine. But with her it will not work ...
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