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21 Bridges (2019) HD
21 Bridges (2019)
Year, country:
Brian Kirk
Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller, J.K. Simmons
1h 39min
FFilms.CLUB - 21 Bridges (2019) full movie online in HD
Having given the best years of his life to the police department, Detective Hank, managed to imprison many scoundrels who crossed the law. Having an excellent relationship with colleagues, the policeman could not even suspect that he would soon become an enemy of the state. Raising children from marriage with his beloved woman, the man tried not to endanger them, convincing the leadership to classify his marriage. Taking into the investigation, the murder of the heir of an influential family, the policeman appears to be embroiled in the game of high-ranking officials.
Wanting to hide the truth, his opponents find a way to get rid of the honest cop who crossed their path. So, having hung up on him treason, and a recent terrorist attack, Hank becomes a prisoner of the situation, because former colleagues see him as a mad terrorist. Once locked up on Manhattan Island, the detective, by all means, is trying to find information that could justify it in the eyes of the public. Following the trail of the conspirators, the investigator is forced to engage in firefights with his workmates who want to stop him at all costs. Understanding that the future of his entire family depends on the actions he has committed, the man is ready to take unjustified risks, hoping to put an end to false accusations. Watch 21 bridge 2019 movie online for free in good quality. Enjoy watching!
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