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popularity? It turns out that this is pure physiology! Comedy films can reduce not only negative attitudes and anxiety, but also high pressure. When we laugh in our body begins to produce the hormone endorphin. And we feel as good as when we listen to our favorite music, eat chocolate, travel or have sex. In addition, we still prefer to smile in life rather than frown. So watching comedies is good for our health and spiritual comfort! And even the best comedies teach us to see the good in any situation, to remain optimistic even in difficult periods of life, never to give up and always go ahead, trying new and unknown things. A comedy film almost always shows the life of a person who finds himself in a difficult or new situation, for example, he meets the strict parents of a bride, prepares a responsible event or he needs to get married urgently and for a short time so as not to disappoint relatives. The audience is enthusiastically watching how the main character gets out of the heap of problems, getting into funny situations every now and then. We love comedies, and perhaps this is the only film genre that we can revise an infinite number of times, still laughing and rejoicing. What are the best comedies? We advise you to look at “My Great Greek Summer”, “Pregnant”, “Visionaries”, “Firs”, “Election Day”, “Gambit”, “Fans”, “What Men Talk About”, “Radio Day”, “ 1 + 1 ”,“ Sexual evil genius ”and many other films of our immense funny collection. Watch comedies online and enjoy the play of your favorite actors: Robin Williams, Pierre Richard, Leslie Nielsen, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Andrei Mironov, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Denis de Vito, Dustin Hofman, Robert de Niro, Jack Nicholson, Leonid Baraz and others will make you laugh. In addition, watching free comedies online is an excellent opportunity to invite friends and laugh together. Do not miss this chance, have fun, watch comedy online.