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Kung Fu, this ancient art of combat, which originated in China, combines many techniques of combat, and in order to know the true nature of this concept, years of training and intense training are needed. Not many athletes can call themselves masters of this type of fist fight. In the world there are only a few famous actors that can independently perform all the tricks that are characteristic of this genre film. That is, there are a number of films that tell not only the history of the emergence of Kung Fu, but also the foundations of training. However, this does not mean that there are no modern films that would not show how this combat direction lives and exists in the conditions of the modern reality full of technology and progress. The distinctive units of this genre in the film industry include all films with the legendary and unsurpassed Bruce Lee, or the more modern Jackie Chan. These two managed, thanks to their talent and skill, to give a new life to the ancient teaching. Each film from this collection is imbued with national color, and an unusually fascinating and unique plot that will allow the viewer to be in the center of an adventure with a combat aspect.