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Favorites Hustle And Flow (2005)

Hustle And Flow (2005)
Year, country:
Craig Brewer
Terrence Howard, Ludacris, Anthony Anderson
1h 56min
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In the film "Vanity and movement" rapper DJ, unknown to the general public, works as a pimp, patronizing the hottest chicks of the city. Nevertheless, the guy is trying to build a musical career, collecting money for the first professional recording. On his first album, he has high hopes, but so far they have not been justified, although the musician is not going to give up.
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To make plans to an arrogant performer is helped by loyal friends and numerous acquaintances residing in Memphis. For DJ this is the first and, perhaps, the last chance to achieve success and recognition. The young man tries to prove to everyone that he is worthy to be a real hip-hop star. For the sake of achieving his goal, the ambitious young man will not stop at nothing, using pimping as a means of influencing stubborn celebrities.
Hustle And Flow (2005) watch full movie online free in FilmsCLUB.org. Therefore, when he learns that the popular rap artist Skinny Black arrives in his city, he decides to give him his best girls. DJ naively assumes that such a "product" will help him to pave the easy way to the musical Olympus ...
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