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Ninja Assassin (2009)
Year, country:
James Mcteigue
Bi Rain,
99 min/episode
   Raizo is probably the most dangerous and wanted hired killer in the whole wide world. He began to learn the craft of the killer from infancy and then became a member of the influential ninja Odzun clan. When Raizzo's close friend is brutally murdered on the orders of his clan’s leadership, he decides to part with them and goes AWOL. Since then, he has lived with the only thought - to survive in order to implement the plan of revenge. In Germany, an employee of one of the secret services Corretti is leading the case of several murders of prominent politicians and in his investigation comes to the existence of a well-disguised clan of killers Odzun. Contrary to the guidance of the guide, Agent Corretti is looking for a way to view the secret materials that contain information about the mysterious organization. The organization dispatches several killers to end the zealous agent, but the brave Raizo rescues her, which meanwhile does not mean that the clan will not begin to look for these two with redoubled efforts. Watch Ninja Assassin (2009) online free in HD quality on FilmsCLUB.org
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  1. Amazygracy
    Bullets vs Ninja's
    • 22 июля 2019 20:14