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Zambezia (2012)
Year, country:
Wayne Thornley
Abigail Breslin, Jeremy Suarez, Leonard Nimoy,
1h 23min
Cartoon "Zambezia" tells the audience the story of the life of the young falcon Kaya, along with his father Tendai, who lives in a vast desert and has absolutely no friends. One day, a young chick accidentally meets with the older congeners Gogo and Tini, telling him about the glorious city called Zembezia, where on a large beautiful tree growing near a waterfall, live thousands of beautiful birds. Enchanted by the story, Kai decides, by all means, to get to this wonderful place, but the experienced Tendai is not at all happy about his son's idea. He tries to persuade the kid, but the falconry, only more offended by his father, goes to Zambezia with Tini and Gogo. Having reached the goal of the journey, Kai accepts the offer of the indigenous people, agrees to tour the city, and then enters the service of the valiant Hurricanes - defenders of all birds living in the Zambezia. Despite the courage of the guest, few of the local inhabitants take it seriously, but very soon Kai will have a chance to influence the opinions of others, because he is destined to be in the center of the battle of Zambezia birds with cruel warrants headed by a boss named Vujo. But will the hero manage to cope with the numerous enemy?
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