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Favorites Snow Queen (2012)

Snow Queen (2012) HD
Snow Queen (2012)
Year, country:
Vladlen Barbe (as Vlad Barbe) Maksim Sveshnikov
Anna Shurochkina, Ivan Okhlobystin, Galina Tyunina
1h 20min
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After the tragic death of her mother, Hertha and her father continue to maintain a small hotel, which they call home. For lonely Hertha, the only joy is friendship with a beautiful young man - Kai. And then one night, an unknown guest in furs and diamonds arrives at the hotel all at once. The next day, she disappears with Kai. And at that time, Hertha set off in search of his beloved youth. Full of surprises, terrible dangers and incredible adventures, the path finally brings Hertha to the Snow Queen's palace. However, in order to melt the icy heart of Kai, you need to win the most cruel and treacherous of all women. And only fragile, faithful and gentle Hertha is able to save Kai.

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