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Favorites Tiger Eyes (2012)

Tiger Eyes (2012) HD
Tiger Eyes (2012)
Year, country:
Lawrence Blume
Willa Holland, Amy Jo Johnson, Gwen Goldsmith
1h 32min
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Davy Wexler is the most ordinary high school student who grew up in a good family. Once she and her family have to endure a terrible grief - the death of her father, who was shot dead during a shop robbery. After this loss, Davy goes into herself; she has been starving for several days and does not get out of bed. Her mother, having difficulty surviving the loss of her beloved husband, decides to leave with her children in New Mexico, to the sister of the deceased. The grief that happened unites relatives, and Aunt Bitsy, along with her husband Volter, accepts children as their relatives. One day, while cycling, Davy meets a young guy named Wolf. It is this person who helps her not only to overcome all fears, but also to feel within herself the strength to live on ...

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