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Favorites A Few Best Men (2012)

A Few Best Men (2012) HD
A Few Best Men (2012)
Year, country:
Stephan Elliott
Laura Brent, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall
1h 37min
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At the mention of the word wedding alone, a smile immediately appears on the face and somewhere in the depths of the soul it becomes warmer. Therefore, only the name of the film “Wedding rout” (2012) not weakly fuels interest. During his vacation in Australia, David meets a lovely local woman named Mia. Young people immediately fall in love with each other and already imagine themselves at the altar. But the journey tends to end, and David upon arrival home announced to his friends that he was ready to tie the knot with the beautiful Mia. It so happened in life that David has no parents, and his three closest are his friends. Together, the guys go to the southern continent to meet the bride's relatives and hold a wedding at the highest level. David's future wife is the daughter of a wealthy, influential man in Australia, which is why the wedding was scheduled for class “A”. Traditional stag parties begin to celebrate right on the way to your beloved. Unbeknownst to everyone, this unforgettable adventure lasts almost a day. But this is only half the trouble. An unexpected surprise awaited all the guests at the wedding itself. It turned out that this trinity absolutely does not know good manners and the only thing they can do is destroy everything in its path and spoil it.

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