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Favorites A Christmas Story 2 (2012)

A Christmas Story 2 (2012) HD
A Christmas Story 2 (2012)
Year, country:
Brian Levant
Daniel Stern, Braeden Lemasters, Stacey Travis
1h 25min
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The main character of the picture is a boy named Ralphy. As a child, he wanted to get Ryder's red pistol for Christmas, and the dream came true. Now the boy has grown up, and at the age of 16, Ralphy makes a more substantial wish than a toy pistol. At the next Christmas, the guy made up his mind to wake up in the morning with the key to the 1938 Skyline Hupmobile, which, in his opinion, would give him a new world of freedom. But will he be able to fulfill his dream this time?

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