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Favorites Think Like A Man (2012)

Think Like A Man (2012) HD
Think Like A Man (2012)
Year, country:
Tim Story
Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart
2h 2min
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It seems that giving advice is very easy, especially when you consider that we are talking about other people's relationships and problems. The picture tells about difficult relationships among several young couples who are going through hard times. And now it seems that the personal life of the main characters has failed completely, but when young people find out that their lovers draw advice from Steve Harvey’s popular book “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man”, they decide to take revenge on their fellow believers. Their plan is brilliantly simple - the guys are going to completely refute all the recommendations described in the book, because they will behave exactly the opposite, thus intending to teach their second halves a lesson.

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