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Favorites Christmas Bounty (2013)

Christmas Bounty (2013) HD
Christmas Bounty (2013)
Year, country:
Gil Junger
Francia Raisa, Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, Will Greenberg,
1h 30min
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Before you is a fascinating film that tells the audience the story of a young teacher who is trying to hide a rather terrible secret from her boyfriend. The fact is that in the past, the heroine of the movie "Christmas Planner" worked as a bounty hunter. The profession is not very suitable for a girl and probably able to scare off even the most in love groom. Tory's plan works - her life with James is not suspicious. But one day everything starts to change ... At Christmas, the girl returns home and discovers that Mike has returned for her. This is her former lover, who not only knows what Tori did before, but also works as a mercenary. And he certainly didn’t return in order to wish the girl happiness and a happy wedding. His return threatens not only the disclosure of secrets, over the safety of which the heroine worked for so long, but also the painful death of James. Now Tory will have to remember what she had been trying to forget about for so long, because if the past wins, then the girl will have no future ...

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