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Favorites The Lucky One (2012)

The Lucky One (2012) HD
The Lucky One (2012)
Year, country:
Scott Hicks
Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner
1h 41min
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The hero of the movie "Lucky", desperate sergeant of the Marine Corps Logan Thibault, who is fighting in Iraq, is known among his comrades-in-arms for his extraordinary luck. He survived in three dangerous operations and in the depths of his heart is sure that he owes his luck to a simple thing - photos of an unknown girl, accidentally found him among the ruins. The photo of the stranger saved Logan's life that time, and since then, having believed in the protection of the talisman, the sergeant did not part with him on any of the assignments.
Returning to his home in North Carolina, he decides to learn the name of his good angel and meet the girl. It turns out that his involuntary savior is called Beth, and her family owns a small dog nursery, into which, in the end, Logan arranges a laborer. He hopes that the time will come when Beth will become for him not just a talisman, bringing good luck. However, does a retired sergeant need a girl who previously did not even know about his existence, and is it possible to fall in love with the image in the photo?
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