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Favorites Wreck It Ralph (2012)

Wreck It Ralph (2012) HD
Wreck It Ralph (2012)
Year, country:
Rich Moore
Brian T. Delaney, Phil Johnston, Jane Lynch
1h 41min
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For 30 long years, a thug named Ralph has been a villain in a computer game. His task is to destroy the mansion, which the gamer carefully builds. At heart, Ralph regrets being a villain. He really wants to be a positive character. For example, like Felix. For the gamer, he is a hero who rebuilds what destroyed the thug.

The long-awaited moment comes when Ralph is trying to change everything. He is now looking for an opportunity to become a positive character that all players will love. He manages to find out that it is necessary to get special gold medals in various games in order to become a real hero.

But there is a problem: these medals cannot be won by the villains, whom Ralph has been the last 30 years. Nevertheless, the good-natured thug is lucky: he still finds a character who is ready to swap places with him and for the first time in his life can play a good character in the popular 8-bit game.

But Ralph did not take into account the potential danger from participating in another game. The fact is that the characters there can carry viruses, as well as pose a threat to the thugs. Ralph has a lot to travel to different games, gets to know interesting participants and still try to fulfill his old dream - to become a hero in the eyes of a gamer.

Brutal, but sensitive inside the thug becomes a character in such interesting games as “Hero's Duty” and “Fast and the Furious”. He gradually approaches the gold medals, destroying all prevailing stereotypes.

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