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Favorites The Midnight Game (2013)

The Midnight Game (2013) HD
The Midnight Game (2013)
Year, country:
A.D. Calvo
Deborah Twiss, Guy Wilson, Valentina de Angelis,
1h 14min
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Here is a movie based on the rules of an actual rite. Here are just these rules, we do not advise you to look. This film will definitely dissuade you to repeat after the main characters. This, by the way, is a group of guys from the same school whom their classmate invited to the party. Mom Caitlin left the city for the weekend, so now the house is completely at the disposal of the heroine. When friends get together, then the simple fun soon gets boring. One of them suggests moving on to more dangerous entertainments - to conduct a mystical rite, which is aimed at challenging otherworldly forces. But those who relate to this venture with laughter quickly become convinced that everything is real. The company of schoolchildren, due to their own boredom and curiosity, is under real threat. An ancient evil penetrates our world and its intentions are corresponding. Everyone will see for themselves that this is not just a game ... Anyone who can meet the dawn alive.

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