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Favorites Prince Avalanche (2013)

Prince Avalanche (2013) HD
Prince Avalanche (2013)
Year, country:
David Gordon Green
Emile Hirsch, Paul Rudd, Lance LeGault,
1h 34min
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After a wildfire in a Texas parkland zone, distant sections need to mark out ruined highways. Two men are called to carry out boring and monotonous work - Alvin and Lance. Both with diametrically opposed outlooks on life. Retrogad Alvin is a staunch conservative, incorrigible romantic, adherent of traditional family values. He writes paper letters to his beloved, expressing thoughts, like an unrecognized poet. His partner Lance is the younger brother of Alvin’s girlfriend. He loves drive, adrenaline, parties in night clubs and cannot stand boredom even in the slightest manifestation. According to Lance, energy is a sign of life. Together, they have to find common topics for conversation, which now and then end up in eternal debate. In the three months spent shoulder to shoulder in the back streets of civilization, heroes only once meet a truck driver. He generously treats children with a drink, a delicious meal. However, its appearance is as ambiguous as its sudden disappearance.

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